Institut Franco-Argentin d’Études sur le Climat et ses Impacts

Instituto Franco-Argentino de Estudios sobre el Clima y sus Impactos

Co-production of environmental knowledge on the Paraná Delta

On Friday 24 May, the first working meeting was held at INTA Delta to articulate and define lines of action focused on managing hydrological risk, water quality, and biodiversity in the Paraná Delta region. Diego Moreira and Federico Robledo from the Centre for Marine and Atmospheric Research/IFAECI (CIMA, CONICET-UBA, IFAECI) participated; other institutions represented were the Departments of Genetic Ecology and Evolution and Computer Science of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences (UBA), the National Water Institute, the National Geographic Institute, and the National Parks Administration.

The meeting took place within the framework of the project ‘Co-production of environmental knowledge on the Paraná Delta’, financed by FCEN, whose objective is to deepen the production of knowledge on the Paraná Delta ecoregion, strengthening the capacities of FCEN to initiate a process of elaboration of guidelines for local and regional public policies that contribute to the conservation of its biodiversity and the sustainable use of the territory of the lower Paraná Delta.
The main areas of work during the meeting were:

  • Water quality and biodiversity,
  • Sediments in the Paraná Delta,
  • Responsible pet ownership relative to its impact on native fauna,
  • Weather monitoring and forecasting,
  • Digital elevation models in wetland areas,
  • Socio-economic indicators in the delta,
  • Co-production of knowledge with island communities (forestry production, reed-growing cooperative, livestock production, island educational community, beekeeping).