Institut Franco-Argentin d’Études sur le Climat et ses Impacts

Instituto Franco-Argentino de Estudios sobre el Clima y sus Impactos

IV session of ParTUXza

The IV parTUXza of CIMA/DCAO/IFAECI will be held from the 3rd to the 7th of June. This event consists of assistance installing the free operating system ‘Linux’ and small introductions of 1 hour to different programs and tools of interest. 

Monday 3rd of June (morning or afternoon shift): Installation of Linux on your personal computers (laptops, computers, …). Please partition your hard disk in advance (follow the instructions here: During the rest of the week (9am to 1pm), there will be 1 hour introductions to different tools and software of interest.

All activities will be held in room 8 of CIMA/DCAO/IFAECI on the second floor of pavilion 2 of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences (UBA, Ciudad Universitaria).

Find all the information at:

We look forward to seeing you!

The parTUXza Team